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Workforce Development 

Both the federal department of commerce’s Economic Development Agency (EDA) and the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council’s vision for the future of the Mid-Hudson region put an emphasis on “regional clusters.” These clusters are supported by T-SEC’s investment in:

An Equipment Library with the latest technology

To support its partnerships, T-SEC obtains state and federal grants and focuses on purchasing specialized equipment that becomes a part of our Equipment Library. Most of the equipment is installed at T-SEC’s SMARTT labs located at partner manufacturers and community colleges, or at SMARTT PODs. The aforementioned manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and academic partners that T-SEC’s vetting process has identified as a fit become partners.


The host partners agree to make the equipment available to manufacturers and other partners, reducing expenses and offering access to state-of-the art equipment.


This enables manufacturers to stay competitive. If the equipment is found to be a fit, manufacturers often purchase their own piece of equipment, and the T-SEC piece is returned to T-SEC’s Equipment Library.

Training that narrows the skills gap and educates the future workforce

Specialized Training: In addition to providing equipment to manufacturers and academic partners, T-SEC’s equipment, in the case of Fala Technologies, is used to teach classes in sophisticated equipment use and other programs that benefit the entire Hudson Valley manufacturing sector. Visit our “Training” page and select Fala Technologies from the accordion menu to learn more here.


Apprenticeship Program: In addition, T-SEC is partnering with the Council of Industry by offering marketing support to raise awareness about a unique apprenticeship program that both the Council and Frank Falatyn (long time Council and T-SEC board member) have helped create with the SUNY school system and New York State manufacturers. Visit our “Training” page and select Council of Industry from the accordion menu for a full discussion about the New York State Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program here; it is coordinated by Fala Technologies and The Council of Industry under the auspices of MACNY.ORG and  the New York State Department of Labor.


A MWB/E Hub: The Orange County IDA has repurposed The Accelerator Powered by the Orange County IDA and certified this facility as a New York State Incubator and M/WBE certification hub where training courses are offered for state certification, but also where business bootcamps are offered, providing skills in marketing, branding, and business management in rooms funded by T-SEC.

In-person networking and education opportunities

In 2018 and thereafter T-SEC will be hosting an ongoing series of events featuring area makers, manufacturers, and T-SEC partners from the academic, manufacturing, and rconomic Development Agencies sector.


The to-be-announced events will be held primarily in Newburgh, but also at other prominent locations in the Hudson Valley.

Repurposed lives

Unshattered uses donated curtain fabric, donated West Point cadet dress trousers, featuring the black stripe both front and back, repurposing the fabric into beautiful totes and bags. The women who make the bags are in the process of repurposing their lives, turning from addiction to sobriety. T-SEC funded equipment for the Accelerator’s sewing POD which first launched Unshattered on its successful path.

Prototyping in 3D

State of the art 3D prototyping software and printers are on site at SUNY Haverstraw where entrepreneurs and manufacturers have access to a 3D printing SMARTT Lab.

Cross-Platform Data

Sono-Tek designs and manufactures precision ultrasonic coating systems. These systems are used to apply ultra-thin coats of film to various surfaces, such as nanocoatings onto glass and textiles. T-SEC partnered with Sono-Tek to offer a high end Scanning Electron Microscope which Sono-Tek has tethered to a hi-resolution monitor allowing users to visualize in process projects.

Our Skills & Expertise

T-SEC is run primarily by volunteer business executives with years of experience in the tech sector. Most are engineers by trade. They are able to offer insights and expertise to T-SEC’s partners with the ultimate goal of growing the economy in the Hudson Valley Region

Specialty Equipment funding 0
Installation and space fit-up 0
Technical and Business support 0
Production on demand (Pods) pilot-scale manufacturing lines 0
President, Ceres Technologies
Kevin Brady

Kevin Brady , is President, CEO, Ceres Technologies. Ceres is a T-SEC manufacturing partner in Saugerties, New York., aSMARTT Lab, T-SEC partner. Ceres manufactures, state-of-the-art process equipment used by some of the world’s leading semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment suppliers.

Laboratory Manager
Avery Alvarez

Avery Alvarez is the Laboratory Manager at Sono-Tek, one of T-SEC's partners. Avery is a highly skilled, technically trained SUNY Albany '17 graduate employed in the Hudson Valley.

Founder, Unshattered
Kelly Lyndgaard

This pioneering nonprofit organizer created Unshattered which helps transform the lives of recovering drug addicts.

Director of the SUNY Haverstraw Center
Brian Merritt

Brian Merritt is the director of the SUNY Haverstraw Center, where our 3D Printing SMARTT Lab is located. The center enables businesses to prototype concepts on state of the art equipment.

T-SEC the Hudson Valley’s Innovation Partner

T-SEC, our acronym stands for: The Strategic Economic Consortium