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Need some one-on-one guidance and support?

Working with The Orange County Accelerator as well as The Council of Industry, T-SEC is able to offer resources to the student interested in an apprenticeship training program, or an entrepreneur or manufacturer in need of a co-working space or mentoring.


Are you on your own but faced with an engineering or even just a business problem or question or two or three?

The Accelerator Without Walls program is just what you need. T-SEC’s partner, The Accelerator, makes seasoned pros available (like incredibly knowledgeable engineers) to help you wrangle those difficult questions. They are standing by!

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T-SEC’s partner organizations, Fala Industries and The Council of Industry, have been hard at work on a specialized training Intermediary Apprenticeship Program that fits interested young people with a program of study that includes six lower Hudson Valley schools, lower Hudson Valley manufacturers, and an unbelievable opportunity to learn job skills via a special custom-fitted apprenticeship program that can get you into an exciting career without a four-year college path. The possibilities are very exciting!

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Co-Working Space

T-SEC partner  The Accelerator offers T-SEC funded,  S.M.A.R.T.T. pods that enable an entrepreneur to make the move from the dining room table to a co-working space, and from there (after coaching by our mentors) to a storefront retail or mixed use space in the city of Newburgh, Middletown, or perhaps one of the smaller burghs in the lower Hudson Valley. Think you’re a fit? Let’s talk.

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