Sono-Tek and T-SEC

Sono-Tek is a T-SEC manufacturing partner with a microscopy lab.

A few years ago, Sono-Tek began to grow and needed specific equipment, but funds were short, so T-SEC loaned Sono-Tek the needed equipment and in return, Sono-Tek makes that equipment available to other NYS businesses.

If you are interested in booking our Scanning Electron Microscope at Sono-Tek click here.

If you are interested in booking our Nikon Eclipse LV100NDA Industrial Microscope, click here. 

Read here about how Sono-Tek engineers manufacture precision, ultrasonic spray platforms that make everyday things like, thin swipeable devices, such as our mobile phones, possible.

Some of Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic nozzle applications:

  • implantable medical devices, such as the stents used to unblock clogged arteries
  • printed circuit boards
  • semiconductors
  • solar and fuel cells
  • thin film glass deposition
  • food and other industrial coatings
Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope

Sono-Tek reached out to T-SEC and informed us that previewing delivery systems with clients would add a new dimension to their service, helping them grow their business. We arranged a partnership with them by lending them a quality Scanning Electron Microscope from our Equipment Library.


Ultrasonic nozzles

Inventor Harvey Berger created the modern ultrasonic nozzle and launched Sono-Tek. The nozzle is widely used in research as well as in pharmaceutical stents, among other applications.

In layman’s terms, high-frequency vibrations act upon the tip of the nozzle. This creates a series of events resulting in the tiniest droplets of liquid, perfect to coat surfaces for enhanced performance.


Measuring Vibrations

This T-SEC-provided oscilloscope works to measure vibrations, a basic but important step in the process of creating ultrasonic nozzles. If you are interested in booking the oscilloscope, call us: (845) 513-6759

If you are an NYS business and want to  to use available equipment contact us!

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