Our Equipment Library features a Sheffield CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) shop floor inspection machine. It is a dimensional measurement machine that allows inspection to occur right at the point of production on the shop floor.

It is currently in use at Fala Technologies for corporate training purposes. It is also available for use by eligible small-to medium sized manufacturers and entrepreneurs on a per needs basis (to apply for use, please use the form at the bottom of the page).


Apprenticeship Training with the CMM


GD&T Training


T-SEC’s partner, Fala Technologies, currently uses The Discovery CMM from Sheffield at their on-campus SMARTT Lab to teach classes in sophisticated equipment use.

Many apprenticeship programs are taught.

And a corporate manufacturing training class is taught.
One such class is the GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) course taught through Fala’s partnership with Ulster Community College’s Development Center for Business where customized training courses are made available for regional, corporate, and small business customers.

Apprenticeship Training


Fala Technologies is on the front line of the constant iteration of improving manufacturing techniques in the Hudson Valley and sharing that knowledge.


One key development in that iteration is the emerging New York State Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program as described here.

In the Hudson Valley region, Apprenticeship Training for the Advanced Manufacturing cluster is being coordinated by Fala Technologies, an official sponsor of the Apprenticeship program of New York State.

Fala offers this training in partnership with The Council of Industry under the auspices of MACNY.ORG, the Manufacturer’s Alliance and the New York State Department of Labor.


Fala Technologies program trains CNC machinists, electronics technicians, and maintenance mechanics, among other tradesman. The program will use the CMM as a part of the rigorous apprenticeship training program that was begun in 2017 and will expand through 2018 and beyond.


CMM Machines used at Fala Technologies Training

The Sheffield CMM machines is a centerpiece of equipment used in training programs at Fala Technologies. It is on loan from T-SEC.

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    Interested in training on the CMM?

    Whether you are interested in apprenticeship training or manufacturing business skills training, we make our equipment available to apprentices in apprenticeship programs, at qualifying small to medium-sized businesses as well to tradespeople at manufacturing campuses throughout the Hudson Valley and throughout the state.

    Whatever your questions are about training on the CMM, submit the form below, and we will get back to you right away.