The Orange County Accelerator offers below-market rate, individual, co-working spaces to qualified startups. Learn more about The Accelerator here.


The Accelerator hosts on-site equipment funded by T-SEC. For instance, T-SEC funded the equipment for sewing and garment production.


Their on-site Sewing Lab, located at their New Windsor campus, has digital pattern-making software known as Tukatech, and it is available to textile manufacturers, freelance pattern makers, independent fashion designers, etc.


A trained Tukatech operator is available to assist with pattern, grading, and marker-making needs.

New Windsor Campus

Fashion Design and Production

The Accelerator’s Sewing Center is equipped with over a dozen sewing machines, making it an ideal production facility for textile work. In addition, The Accelerator’s Sewing Center also features a high-tech pattern-making solution, Tukatech. The Accelerator’s Tukatech is in demand by client garment and textile manufacturers who work with The Accelerator’s Tukatech-trained operator to create new styles and patterns.


Tukatech is known in the pattern design and garment and textile production world-wide community for its ease of use and also its intuitiveness. If you can come up with an idea, you can create it.


The advantage of Tukatech is what once took weeks to achieve in the pattern creation process now takes days. At the Accelerator, New Windsor, onsite seamstresses can take a sewing pattern sample and create from it the same day. This streamlines the design and production process immensely.


From design to manufacturing, The Accelerator in New Windsor is a one-stop shop for new and small business owners looking to make textile-based products.

Artisan Manufacturing

The Hudson Valley has seen a rise in the trend of artists, designers, and independent manufacturers creating and distributing original products. This trend is also known as a Makers Culture.


The Accelerator is committed to assisting this movement by providing small local businesses with any training needed to develop a product as well as the space and technology need to mass-produce it.

New Windsor Campus Clients

  • NYCEblu: This company designs, produces, and markets high-end, designer women’s handbags using only the finest leathers.


  • Melo Bags: Melo designs, produces, and markets a variety of bag types, especially those used by the military as well as those used by EMT teams. “We particularly excel at doing variations of military specification bar tacking, reinforcement tacking, sewing around complex rigid substrates and related precision operations. Look closely at the stitching detail in our solutions and compare them to any other company, large or small. We do precision sewing better than anyone else.” They are doing so using The Accelerator’s Sewing Center and Tukatech technology.

Middletown Campus


Between the rapidly expanding brewing industry and the popular handmade bath products in the Hudson Valley, bottling is one of the fastest growing trades in the area. The Accelerator offers individual spaces for manufacturers, as well as access to bottling equipment.

Medical Device Makers

The Accelerator’s Middletown facilities are located on the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine campus, where they provide SMARTT PODs for a number of health-related companies. With a focus on medicine and wellness, The Accelerator is committed to the growing medical device and health and wellness cluster in Middletown, along with the software and programming cluster that is also taking hold there.

Software Manufacturing

Technology impacts and benefits every field of work in every industry. The Accelerator is dedicated to supporting innovative companies that are focused on developing technology and software. The Accelerator offers resources, services, and the programs and equipment necessary for success.

Personal Care Products

According to Deloite, the consumer products industry recognizes one of the major trends of the next decade will be a continuing focus on health and wellness/good-for-you products. The Accelerator partners with consumer-product sector, personal care product makers who, significantly, offer organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Middletown Campus Clients

  • Asterism: This company develops and produces health-care items including nutritious food products, medicinal cosmetic products, and therapeutic Japanese herbal remedies.
  • Alternate E Source: An alternate energy company that creates hardware devices for management tools and monitoring systems.
  • Augmate: Designs and develops applications for wearable technology such as smart glasses.
  • Drone Tech UAS: This company teaches clients how to safely use drone technology for security and management purposes.
  • Farm Body: This natural skincare company specializes in products made for tattoo care.
  • Goats in a Coat: This bath and body product line is made primarily from goat milk.
  • KeyCoders: An app development and coding company that also offers computer services and programming classes for kids and adults.
  • Organofab: This company specializes in 3D printed cells.
  • Rascal Creative: This advertising agency specializes in branding and marketing media design for companies in the Hudson Valley.
  • Welwaze: This company develops advanced medical tools to help manage and monitor people’s health.

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