Find out how T-SEC can help you and your business with the following services.

The Accelerator works to attract manufacturing-based businesses in the areas of fashion design and production, bottling, artisan manufacturing, and artisan foods. In order to do so, The Accelerator provides below-market occupancy costs, workforce training, mentoring programs, easy access to experienced professionals, and a high-tech plug-and-play environment with SMARTT PODs and a host of other resources.

The Haverstraw Center at Rockland Community College is equipped with five different state-of-the-art 3D printers. This T-SEC-funded equipment is available not only to students of the college but also to the public for training and prototyping purposes. 

The 3D Print Center a SMARTT Lab collaboration between T-SEC and SUNY Rockland located in Haverstraw N.Y. It is available for training and prototyping to the public.

T-SEC, and our partners, are committed to the promotion of manufacturing jobs in New York. In order to facilitate these opportunities, T-SEC-funded SMARTT PODs and SMARTT Labs are used by a number of our partners to hold public training courses and peer-to-peer manufacturing courses on various equipment.

T-SEC partner Fala Technologies offers training on the T-SEC-provided piece of equipment, the Sheffield Measurement Cordax Discovery CMM, in a number of training programs spearheaded by Fala Technologies President Frank Falatyn.