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    TukaTech Cad

    TUKAcad is an innovative apparel pattern design software that is perfect for manufacturers and designers of any size.



    TUKAcad allows the user to accurately build patterns, grade rules, and markers for single styles or entire lines. It is the advanced pattern making, grading, and marker making system that will streamline your production process and reduce operating expenses.

    Within TUKAcad there are two modules: TUKAdesign which is for pattern making and pattern grading and TUKAmark which is for marker making.

    TUKAcad moves into the digital space by enabling those with paper patternmaking knowledge to create within the digital environment.

    With TUKAmark, you can automatically generate high utility pattern layouts improving production and costing.

    – TUKAmark enables you to automatically generate efficient pattern layouts to achieve the best possible fabric utilization for production or costing



    • Built-in audio/video help
    • Loads of TUKAtips
    • TUKAcad pattern design software comes with training