Stratasys J750 3D Printer

The Sratasys J750 3D printer at The Haverstraw Center at Rockland Community College is one of the most versatile high-end 3D printers on the market. It offers an incredible 500,000 array of color choices and texture mapping enabling you to realize design creativity by capturing the most realistic details imaginable.



This J750 printer produces realistic, full color, multi-material parts in a single print.

Creators will be able to prototype workable shop floor tools and prototype models for advertising and marketing all in the same print.

Professionals in the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical, pharma, and healthcare sectors, as well as manufacturing sectors will find the J750 offers an easy-to-use printing process with a variety of different materials and color options available, offering unparalleled lead time.
The room at the 3D Center is equipped with four CAD workstations featuring Solidworks software, which is a state of the art 3D file creation setup that creates the files necessary for printing in tandem with the J750. T-SEC makes a CAD and GrabCAD technician available to work with you through your project.


  • Easy 3D print preparation: Prepare models for 3D printing through orientation, optimization, and support generation.
  • CAD agnostic: Print STL, VRML and native 3D CAD file formats (Creo, SOLIDWORKS, NX, CATIA, Inventor) directly. Repair damaged files automatically.
  • Scheduling: Print immediately or queue for later based on the availability of time on roster at the center.
  • Real-time notifications: Know exactly when your print is finished or when errors occur via remote and mobile job status notifications.
  • Business Intelligence: Understand job history, material usage, print times, and errors.
  • Security you can trust: GrabCAD relies on best-in-class network architecture, built to satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Learn more about our approach to security.
  • Print directly from your CAD system: No need to leave the 3D design environment to print.
  • Pantone compatible: With a wide variety of colors and materials available, experiment with 500,000 plus colors plus a range of full color/texture mapping.
  • GrabCAD compatible:The J750 printer is compatible with the GrabCAD Print™ software which lets you print directly from your favorite professional CAD formats, eliminating the time usually spent converting and fixing STL files. The software allows you to match PANTONE Colors with a single click. Use smart default settings, tooltips and notifications to guide you through a seamless printing process. Work with detailed views of your model, tray, and slice preview so you can make necessary adjustments before going to print.