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Condensation Particle Counter

Need a Particle Counter but not ready to invest in one?

The Nano-ID NPC10 Particle Counter is made available by T-SEC. T-SEC is a nonprofit designed to help business.

Our New York State, grant-funded program purchases equipment and makes it available to manufacturers in N.Y.

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This particle counter provides single-particle detection for the cleanest manufacturing and testing applications and uses the shortest time intervals in the industry to obtain statistically valid measurements



The Nano-ID NPC10 is the first Condensation Particle Counter specifically developed for ultra-clean manufacturing environments. This instrument combines 10 nm sensitivity with a high sample flow rate and the lowest zero count specification on the market.

The Condensation Particle Counter or CPC is a particle counter that detects and counts aerosol particles by first enlarging them by using the particles as nucleation centers to create droplets in a supersaturated gas.



  • 10 nm sensitivity
  • 2.83 LPM sample flow rate
  • Up to 2,000 hours continuous run time
  • Large color IR touchscreen display
  • Data export via ModBus TCP/IP and USB
  • Sample high-pressure gases using an optional highpressure