Developing the workforce of tomorrow in partnership with Industry, Academia, and Government

Academic Partners

T-SEC provides state-of-the-art testing, characterization, and inspection equipment as well as 3D technology to SUNY Community Colleges across the Hudson Valley. In partnership with the following New York State University system schools (SUNY), T-SEC makes available specialized equipment, like 3D printers and scanning electron microscopes, putting it directly into the hands of local students and the manufacturing and startup community.

Featured Partner: Rockland Community College

Rockland Community College LogoThrough a partnership with T-SEC, The Haverstraw Center at Rockland Community College has had a 3D printing and design center since 2013. The facility offers a number of printers and CAD workstations, as well as staff on hand to assist users with the equipment. Find out more about the Haverstraw Center’s resources and services here

Clarkson University

Clarkson University Seal


T-SEC acts as a research partner to support the academic pursuits of the Clarkson community. Clarkson University has had a relationship with TSEC since 2008, and the president of the university, Anthony G. Collins, served on the board for T-SEC.

Dutchess Community College

Dutchess Community College Seal


Through collaboration with Spectrum Systems LLC and the Mid-Hudson Regional Development Council, T-SEC has brought SMARTT Lab technology to DCC. In January 2017, TSEC created a fit-up metrology test lab for the SUNY school.

Mount Saint Mary College

Mount Saint Mary College Logo


In partnership with Mount Saint Mary College, T-SEC has held a number of manufacturing conferences for the university’s community. Many T-SEC employees, including President Carl Meyer, also regularly teach specialized courses and participate as panelists on business and manufacturing seminars at the university.

SUNY Orange

SUNY Orange seal


SUNY Orange hosts a SMARTT Lab located in the historic Newburgh Armory. This academic space is specifically equipped for machining and offers a Metal Fabrication SMARTT Lab.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Seal


The SUNY Polytechnic Institute has an entire CGAM facility to provide students with a wide range of technology. Equipment on the campus includes 3D printers and injection molding machines for manufacturing needs, as well as machining tools.

SUNY Sullivan

SUNY Sullivan Logo


Students and residents in Sullivan County have access to training for programming and data collection through the SUNY Sullivan computer sensor SMARTT Lab.

SUNY Ulster

Ulster County Community College Seal


SUNY Ulster is home to the Modeling Center & Product Characterization Lab, established in 2013. Pfeiffer Lab currently offers eleven individual Control Simulator Module Dual Machines for training purposes.

Manufacturing Partners

T-SEC funds SMARTT Labs with equipment from its Equipment Library to bolster manufacturers and entrepreneurs with access to state-of-the-art equipment. The labs are dotted across the Hudson Valley region to support economic clusters, both existing and emergent.

The manufacturers we are featuring are representative of some of the best hard tech firms in the Hudson Valley.

Featured Partners: Sono-Tek, Ceres Technologies, Fala Technologies

Sono-Tek Logo


Sono-Tek is a designer, manufacturer, and installer of ultrasonic coating systems for a host of diverse industries and research universities both in the U.S. and abroad. See some of the work Sono-Tek does, and find out how you can take advantage of their resources here.

Ceres Technologies Logo


Ceres Technologies outsources industrial equipment for semiconductor, transportation, medical, food, energy, and general manufacturing organizations from their location in the Hudson Valley. Their SMARTT Lab has a T-SEC funded tool, and it is available to qualifying businesses on a limited basis.

Fala Technologies Logo


FALA Technologies designs and builds tools and systems used in the energy, medical, transportation, and biotechnology industries to support cost-effective production in the Hudson Valley. Find out more about the equipment available at Fala Technologies here

Additional Partners

Council of Industries Logo


Council of Industry is a not-for-profit organization that provides training, workforce development, and programs to promote manufacturing jobs in the Hudson Valley.



LSI Lighting Solutions Plus develops advanced image solutions through their innovative lighting technology.

Selux Logo



Selux Corporation designs high-quality lighting equipment for lighting professionals and architects around the world.

Spectral Systems Logo



Spectral Systems specializes in infrared optical components, coatings, system integration, and services.

 Spectral Systems specializes in infrared optical components, coatings, system integration, and services.

Economic Development Agencies

It is important to T-SEC to build relationships with economic development organizations throughout the state of New York, especially those centered in the Hudson Valley. In doing so, T-SEC projects benefit from the synergies that result from each agency’s corresponding strengths.

Featured Partner: The Accelerator

The Accelerator assists manufacturing-based businesses in the areas of fashion design and production, bottling, artisan manufacturing, and artisan food crafting through the use of SMARTT Pods. The Accelerator also hosts a number of unique training sessions, available to the public, to provide Hudson Valley residents the skills needed to procure manufacturing jobs in the region. You can find out more information on The Accelerator’s SMARTT Pods here, or about their available training sessions here

Additional Partners

New York State Government Logo


The Capital Region Economic Development Council is the economic advisory board for Orange County, as well as the eight other counties within the Hudson Valley.

New York State Government Logo


The Central NY Region Economic Development Council is the economic advisory board for Central New York.

Think Dutchess Logo


The Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation brings together entrepreneurs in Dutchess County to further business development in the area.



The Economic Development Administration provides grants to communities in financial distress to promote new employment opportunities and economic growth.

New York State Government Logo


Empire State Development uses loans, grants, tax credits, real estate development, and marketing to encourage business and job creation across New York State.

Hudson Valley Economic Development Council Logo


The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation offers assistance and resources to businesses that are relocating to the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley Regional Council Logo


The Hudson Valley Regional Council is an organization of Hudson Valley county governments that promote planning, education and advocacy for their communities.  

New York State Government Logo


The Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council is the economic advisory board for the seven counties bordering New York City, as well as the major Northeast markets in New York.

New York State Government Logo


The New York City Regional Economic Development Council is the economic development advisory body for the five boroughs of New York City.

New York State Government Logo


The New York State Department of Labor enforces labor laws across New York existing to protect workers and unemployed individuals throughout the state.

Orange County Industrial Development Agency Logo


The Orange County Industrial Development Agency promotes economic growth through incentive-based programs that help equip and maintain projects in Orange County.

Orange County Workforce Development Board Logo


The Orange County Workforce Development Board supports job development in Orange County through training initiatives, job fairs, and various other local programs.

Putnam County Economic Development Corporation Logo


The Putnam County Economic Development Corporation offers support and access to various resources to businesses looking to relocate to Putnam County.

Start Up NY Logo


START-UP New York  is a program that offers new and developing businesses tax-based incentives and access to advanced research laboratories through academic partnerships.

Workforce Development Institute Logo


The Workforce Development Institute is a statewide non-profit organization that works to promote and sustain job growth in New York State.