Ed Januszkiewicz and Carl Meyer, the team behind T-SEC

T-SEC’s Mission:


T-SEC helps grow small to medium-sized manufacturers and startups. We provide access to equipment to help businesses prosper so they can create jobs, create community wealth, and improve the regional economy.

“T-SEC is the voice of manufacturing experience & expertise, which is provided free of charge so it is unbiased by a profit motive. T-SEC understands manufacturing processes and practices, and we can provide help both to established manufacturers and emerging entrepreneurs. Over our 10-year history, T-SEC has gained a high level of credibility by providing grant-funded capital equipment and technical and business support to manufacturers and entrepreneurs.”

Carl Meyer, President/CEO/Interim Board Chair

Some partner organizations funded by T-SEC:

The Haverstraw Center’s 3D Printing Lab

T-SEC’s Academic Partner, SUNY Rockland’s Haverstraw Center, is home to the 3D Printing SMARTT Lab. The lab offers regional manufacturers and entrepreneurs a low-cost opportunity to take CAD classes, create a design on a Solidworks software station, and print a finished prototype using one of the highest-quality printers available anywhere, the Stratasys 3D printer.

T-SEC’s Microscopy Lab at Sono-Tek

T-SEC and Sono-Tek partnered to create a SMARTT Lab with a benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM) system and an industrial microscope for users to process characterizations.

A Sewing Center at The Accelerator, New Windsor

State-of-the-art pattern-making and sewing labs are available at low cost to users pursuing new business opportunities at The Accelerator in New Windsor, New York. Clients of The Accelerator have access to over a dozen sewing machines, as well as Tukatech software, a computer program used for pattern making and fashion design.

The Executive Team

President, T-SEC and Interim Board Chair
Carl E. Meyer

Carl is a proven industry executive in the energy and economic development sectors in the Hudson Valley and New York State. He is President/CEO of T-SEC.

Dan Ahouse

Dan Ahouse is a government relations expert and is Senior Director for Government Affairs at Altice USA. He has been on the T-SEC board for over six years and serves as the T-SEC Board Vice Chair.

Frank Falatyn

Frank Falatyn is President of Fala Technologies, Kingston, New York. Frank is a long-term T-SEC board member. He currently serves as Secretary of the Board.


Director of Finance
Ed Januszkiewicz

Edward Januszkiewicz is a finance professional with a background in the manufacturing of semiconductors. He is Director of Finance at T-SEC.

T-SEC: the Hudson Valley’s Innovation Partner

T-SEC, our acronym, stands for: The Strategic Economic Consortium