Equipment FAQs


How can I become a T-SEC Equipment user?

Just fill out our request form or call us at (845) 513-6759. A T-SEC representative will respond to help you to get up and running!

Are my ideas confidential?

Yes! But T-SEC will sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request. We have a template that we can provide to users for that purpose.

Is there a charge to use T-SEC Equipment?

Our equipment is generally available at no cost, although there might be a nominal charge to cover the cost of consumables. In addition, use of our 3D Printing and CAD pattern making design services and equipment may incur modest facility, material, and prototyping fees based on a cost recovery schedule, as described under our “Prototyping” section. Costs to be assessed for use of the equipment and any related design support services will be fully disclosed in advance.

Are there restrictions when Using T-SEC equipment at a partner site?

T-SEC works with manufacturing, academic, and Accelerator host partners.
Generally, visiting users are not permitted to unsupervised access and use of host equipment or instruments.
Partner hosts benefit by using our equipment, and in exchange, they agree to maintain the equipment and to keep it calibrated to exacting standards. They also assume the responsibility and cost of training in-house operators of the equipment.
Therefore, with some exceptions, visitors will agree to use T-SEC funded and hosted equipment within the guidelines of the hosting partner and any NDAs or usage requirements imposed by our hosting partners.
Our advisors will work with you to determine hosting partner requirements, including any applicable costs.

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