Getting Started


To get started so you can either access a piece of manufacturing equipment from our impressive library of equipment or prototype on some specific equipment, just visit our Equipment Categories section in the navigation menu. Select a category, view our inventory, and fill out our simple request form identifying the equipment you want to access/use. Briefly describe what you want to use the equipment for and include any questions regarding the suitability of the equipment for your intended purpose.

As mentioned we also offer 3D Prototyping on 3D Printers as well, just click here for a detailed explanation and guide as to how that works.

For further information about how our Equipment lending program works, browse the links in this section. (FYI: the majority of our equipment is located at partner sites and must be used on site. Some smaller pieces of equipment are available to be loaned).

A representative of T-SEC’s experienced technical team will respond to your request within 2 business days

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