In addition to making available a suite of manufacturing equipment, T-SEC also offers two types of equipment that enable prototyping:

• CAD/Solidworks-supported 3D Printing
• CAD Enabled Patternmaking

In both cases, in order to use the equipment, there is a process users must follow to properly prepare a design in order to utilize the equipment. Our 3D Printing and Prototyping resource page is found here.

TUKAcad Prototyping for Pattern Making

Our CAD Enabled Patternmaking Center is located at The Orange County Accelerator’s Fashion Design Campus located in New Windsor, NY. At that site, an experienced pattern maker is available, working from a design or fashion illustration, to help you with the following:

• Help create a technical illustration
• Work from an existing pattern
• Create a pattern
• Correct patterns
• Grade patterns
• Create a marker (stencil) for mass production

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