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At T-SEC, we have located our free to use equipment at three types of sites.

T-SEC has purchased advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, and fashion manufacturing equipment and our mission is to make it available to industry, academia, and other governmental agencies such as Industrial Development Agencies located in New York State. Most of the equipment is scattered throughout the Hudson Valley at the following sites:

Academic Sites

Part of T-SEC’s mission is to provide manufacturers, startups and students access to specialized equipment (3d printers, and inspection, testing and characterization equipment) at partner Hudson Valley community colleges.

We do so to help companies and startups take the necessary manufacturing steps to get a product to market. We also do so to train students in the skills manufacturers are looking for.

Book highly specialized 3D Printing equipment as well as inspection, testing, and characterization equipment.

Listed below are our partner schools and the equipment we have located at each respective campus. 

How it works

SUNY Community Colleges partner with T-SEC to offer access to equipment.

The equipment is both industry standard and specialized.

The goal of our program offerings is to make it possible for manufacturers to expand production without the extra overhead.

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Dutchess Community College

This evacuated tube collects and converts solar energy to power your home or office’s heat and hot water system. This Demo unit allows Dutchess Community College to train students in the collection process of solar energy.


SunMaxx solar collector

SunMaxx Demo Solar Collector

Rockland Community College


The 3D printers at The Haverstraw Center at Rockland Community College offer an easy-to-use printing process with a variety of different materials and color options available. The Roland 3D scanner offers the ability to collect data from 3-dimensional objects for research and construction purposes. The rooms at the 3D Center are also equipped with four CAD workstations featuring Solidworks software, which is a state of the art 3D file creation setup that creates the files necessary for printing.

Sullivan County Community College
  • MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer
  • Tektronix MDO4104-6 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (2)
  • Keithley 2450 SourceMeter SMU Instrument (2)
  • Nexlink 3450 Desktop Computer (8)
  • Nexlink IP-P4304BTL Server
  • Hampden Engineering Programmable Logic Control Training System H-PLC-PP-1A-ML-1200
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC Training Panel (10)

Sullivan County Community College ‘s 3-D print center offers a desktop 3D printer capable of producing even the most intricate and delicate designs. Both the MakerBot and its software are designed to be accessible and easily operated by anyone in the SCCC community. In addition, Sullivan is also equipped with manufacturing training equipment commonly used in assembly lines and factories.

  • Haas Automation Control Simulator Module Dual Machine (11)

SUNY Ulster has 11 control simulator machines on site for training purposes. This technology allows specialists to teach programming and operations in prototyping using various materials.



Manufacturing Sites

Book highly specialized inspection, testing, and characterization equipment.

Are you a New York State manufacturer or entrepreneur in need of access to inspection, testing, and characterization equipment? Peruse our comprehensive list of equipment.

It’s available to use on a scheduled basis to qualifying small and medium-sized manufacturers and entrepreneurs, and the equipment is especially convenient to those in the Hudson Valley, but whether in the Hudson Valley or located in New York State, you are welcome to contact us to inquire about scheduling to use our equipment.

How it works

Local advance manufacturing companies partner with T-SEC to offer manufacturers and entrepreneurs access to inspection, materials, characterization, and testing equipment, on a scheduled basis.

The equipment is both industry standard and specialized.

TSEC’s program offers New York State manufacturers and entrepreneurs a flexible, economical way to test and advance their product lines without absorbing extra overhead.

We also offer access to educational training on our equipment as described here and here.

Check the equipment we make available at our partner SMARTT Labs located across the Hudson Valley region. Click the cross to view details about each piece of available equipment.

If you see something that is of interest, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


Inficon UL1000 FAB Mobile Helium Leak Detector
The UL1000 is optimized to provide quick, accurate results in any application from leak checking of large vessels and systems to high-cycle, repetitive component testing – 24 hours / 7 days a week, even in the toughest of industrial environments.


Particle Measuring Systems Nano-ID NPC10 Particle Counter
The Nano-ID NPC10 provides single-particle detection for the cleanest manufacturing and testing applications and uses the shortest time intervals in the industry to obtain statistically valid measurements.


Sheffield D-28 Discovery III Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
The Sheffield Measurement Cordax¬ģ Discovery CMM has been adopted by hundreds of manufacturers around the world and is the original¬†shop floor CMM. It features outstanding accuracy, extended thermal performance, and a modern industrial design.


Nikon Altera 10.10.8 CMM
Nikon Metrology CMMs deliver the ability to perform dimensional, positional, and surface measurements in a single system. Combined with a complete range of contact and non-contact sensors, Nikon Metrology CMMs provide true multi-sensor capability. Sensors can be quickly changed to combine geometric and surface measurements into a single inspection routine.


Zygo  eGage Plus 3D Optical Surface Profiler
The ZeGage Plus profiler can measure a wider variety of surfaces Рranging from very rough to super smooth, with sub-nanometer precision, independent of field of view. Surface finishes may include ground, honed, lapped, polished, and super-polished on materials such as glass, ceramic, and metal.


Flir Commercial Systems E60BX Thermal Imager


Olympus IPLEX Ultralite IV86200 Videoscope


JEOL JCM-6000 Neoscope Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

As an entirely new advanced imaging tool for bioscience research and industrial inspection fields, the NeoScope benchtop SEM extends your vision by combining the familiarity of a digital camera with the high resolution and depth of field of a powerful SEM. Born from the combined expertise of Nikon Instruments and JEOL, the NeoScope SEM’s advanced features are complemented by simplicity and affordability.


Nikon Eclipse LV100ND-U-CH Industrial Microscope

This manual microscope with episcopic/diascopic illumination, meets the various needs of observation, inspection, research, and analysis across a wide range of industrial fields. Higher NA and a longer working distance than ever before mean superior optical performance and efficient digital imaging.


Meiji RTZ Microscope

The Meiji RZ series stereo microscope is a CMO stereo microscope.


Espec ENX93-12CAL Temperature & Humidity Chamber


The ENX93 is a compact walk-in test chamber large enough for testing full-size PV modules. ENX93 provides a variety of performance capabilities to meet maximum or minimum change rates in IEC or UL test standards.


Tektronix MDO4104-6 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

The Tektronix MDO4104B-6 1 GHz Mixed Domain Oscilloscope lets you capture time-correlated analog, digital, and RF signals for a complete system view of your device. See both the time and frequency domain in a single glance. View the RF spectrum at any point in time to see how it changes over time or with a particular device state. Solve the most complicated design issues, quickly and efficiently, with an oscilloscope as integrated as your design.


Staco 3PN1520B-XDVM Variable Transformer


B&K Precision 1735A Digital Power Supply


Tektronix TPS2024B Oscilloscope


Associated Research HypotMAX 7705 Hipot Tester


Yokogawa WT310 Digital Power Meter


Agilent Technologies 34401A Multimeter


Agilent Technologies 34134A Current Probes


Apex WR300M Desoldering Station


Interpower IPS 85521701 Power Source

Oscilloscope in use at Sono-Tek

Food and Beverage

Gehrhardt VAPODEST 200 Kjeldahl Steam Distiller


VAPODEST¬ģ¬†is currently the most modern and powerful analysis system on the market for¬†nitrogen¬†analysis using the¬†Kjeldahl method.


Rudolph Research DDM 2911 PLUS Densitometer


The Rudolph DDM 2911 Laboratory Density Meter offers a wide measurement range, highest accuracy, and the on-board range methods and electronic data tracking required in the most demanding laboratories in the world. The DDM 2911 is highly recommended for high-level work in the beverage industry. The DDM 2911 Density Meter offers density accuracy to 0.00005 g/cm3. If you need the highest level of accuracy, the DDM2911 Laboratory Density Meter is a perfect choice.


VWR International MX 7LL R-20 Recirculating Water Bath


Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 2 Model G560 Lab Vortex Mixer

Renewable Energy
  • Gigahertz-Optik LDM-9810 Luminance Sensor
  • Gigahertz-Optik LDM-9812 Luminance Sensor
  • Gigahertz-Optik X4-DE-UN Light Analyzer
  • IMT Solar Mini-KLA8/16 Curve Analyzer
  • IMT Solar PV-KLA Curve Analyzer
  • IMT Solar Si-13TC-T-K Silicon Irradiance Sensor
  • dataTaker DT80 Series 2 Data Logger
  • Grant Squirrel SQ2020-2F8 Data Logger
  • Grant Squirrel SQ2020-1F8 Data Logger
  • Omega Engineering ACC301A Triaxial Accelerometer
  • Nortek 600Hz Aquadopp Current Profiler


The Accelerator

T-SEC offers access to fashion manufacturing equipment.

Are you a Fashion Manufacturers and/or a Designer?  The Accelerator has locations throughout Orange County where access to sewing equipment is possible.  With over a dozen sewing machines, plus a number of design plotters and printers, The Accelerator can assist clients through every fashion and textile project from patternmaking to production. 

Book highly specialized CAD pattern making equipment and software.

Review our inventory of sewing machines and our high tech plotting and pattern making software.

How it works

The Orange County Accelerator partners with T-SEC to offer qualified designers, fashion manufacturers and entrepreneurs access to fashion production equipment a scheduled basis.

The equipment is both industry standard and specialized.

TSEC’s program makes it possible for fashion manufacturers to expand their lines without the extra overhead.

If you see equipment you are interested in, fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Click the cross to view details about each piece of available equipment.

The Accelerator
  • HP T520 Designjet Plotter for Tukatech
  • Juki DDL-8700 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine (8)
  • Juki MF 7923 3 needle Coverstitch Sewing Machine
  • Juki MO 6714S 4 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine
  • Juki MO 6716S 5 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine
  • US Stitch-Line SL718-2 Blindstitch Hemmer Machine
  • Consew 146 Walking Foot Zig-Zag Sewing Machine
  • TUKAcad Pattern Making Software System (2)
  • Tukatech 44″x60″ Pattern Digitizer
  • TUKAjet 36″ Inkjet Pattern Plotter
  • Algotex Vega B 18 Inkjet Pattern Plotter
  • Gerhardt VAPODEST 200 Kjeldahl Steam Distiller
  • Rudolph Research DDM 2911 PLUS Densitometer
  • VWR International MX 7LL R-20 Circulating Water Bath
  • Scientific Industries Vortex Genie 2 Model G560 Lab Vortex Mixer

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