What are T-SEC  SMARTT Lab partners?

SMARTT stands for: SUNY Manufacturing Alliance for Research and Technology Transfer.

T-SEC created this designation working under a New York State SUNY 2020 grant, as well as with capital funding from the Empire State Development.

Our goal then (and now) was to offer access to costly technology, to spur skills training, and to nurture the relationships between employers and future employees, students.

Our partners become lab partner hosts, and are either manufacturers or colleges in the SUNY system.

T-SEC currently has a scanning electron microscope at tech manufacturer Sono-Tek’s campus where it is used for product testing and research.

What does Sono-Tek manufacture?

Sono-Tek engineers and manufactures precision, ultra sonic spray platforms. The platforms deliver incredibly fine coating sprays to a number of surfaces including:

  • implantable medical devices, such as the stents used to unblock clogged arteries
  • printed circuit boards
  • semiconductors
  • solar and fuel cells
  • thin film glass deposition
  • food and other industrial coatings

Sono-tek reached out to T-SEC informing us that previewing delivery systems with clients would add a new dimension to their service helping them grow their business. The partnership was struck and we  lent them a high-quality Scanning Electron Microscope from our Equipment Library, which they in turn make available to other manufacturers with whom they have relationships with.

A brilliant inventor from the Hudson Valley

Prolific inventor, Harvey Berger, a product of the Newburgh Free Academy, and thus a Hudson Valley local boy, created the modern ultrasonic nozzle and launched Sono-Tek. The nozzle is widely used in research and in the manufacture of pharmaceutical stents, among other applications.

In layman’s terms, the Sono-Tek process allows for high frequency vibrations to act upon the tip of the nozzle. This creates a series of events resulting in the tiniest droplets of liquid to result,  perfect to coat surfaces for enhanced performance.

T-SEC also provided Sono-Tek with an oscilloscope which works to measure vibrations, a basic but important step in Sono-Tek’s patented process.