T-SEC funds an economic development attraction marketing campaign known as A River of Opportunities. It’s goal? Promote the large stock of affordable commercial real estate in Newburgh, NY to startups, artists, and makers who have been priced out of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Using T-SEC’s 501(c)(3) status, the campaign applied for and successfully obtained a Google Adwords Grant.

With the 2016 launch of a rebranded website, it wasn’t long before an ad campaign designed to attract investors looking for various types of affordable commercial real estate, such as mixed-use, light manufacturing, retail and warehouse properties, was put to work.

An Adwords-Driven Economic Development Campaign

Adwords provided tremendous firepower in terms of reach.

Ads and landing pages were targeted to folks interested in cheap, commercial real estate.

The plan? Drive them to commercial real estate listings on newburghny.org, the River of Opportunities marketing website. Once there, stories were shared about the beauty and history of Newburgh, and also about its growing creative community, many of whom were taking up residence in shops and spaces on Liberty Street in Newburgh, and also at the Regal Bag Building.

Simultaneous to running ads on Google, a dynamic social presence on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter was created.

Videos and posts featuring the local arts and social scene and makers were created and ads crafted targeting visitors with interest in startups, the arts, and an emergent cultural scene.

Real estate Ads were targeted to makers like Chihoe Hahn, owner of Hahn Guitars

When Chihoe was ready to search for a place where he could expand his guitar production shop, he did what most people do when they are trying to find the answer to a question like “Where can I find affordable warehouse space?”

He turned to Google.

As hoped, an ad featuring our commercial property listing came up in the search results with a phone number. Chihoe contacted us and worked with our campaign manager.

Chihoe was put in touch with a few different commercial property owners before seeing and settling on the Regal Bag Building owned by well-known philanthropist, Bill Kaplan. The Regal Bag Building was one of our featured property listings. 

Renting space in the Regal Bag Building: Hudson River views with a perfect maker space

Kaplan’s property Manager, Russ Vernon, went out of his way to accommodate Chihoe by renovating the space to specifications that worked for Chihoe’s shop needs.

Now, Chihoe is in business in Newburgh. He’s building beautiful guitars for some of the music industry’s leading guitarists and receiving recognition around the world. He’s even introduced a new line of guitars known as the Hahn 112, which aficionados prize for its nitro-finish, slick design, and shrewd versatility. Chihoe has thought of everything.

The Hahn 112 Guitar Made in the U.S.A. Brought to Newburgh by T-SEC.

Chihoe prototyped it with the late Walter Becker (of Steely Dan), picking woods like alder wood for lightness in the body, maple wood on the neck for substance, and infusing the body with elegant contours that lend a unique, confident swagger to its shape.

Custom P-90 pickups made in-house by Rob Banta provide the guitar with an impressive range. The pickups offer sound quality that can alternate between a biting and crisp quality. They can skew Duane Allman fuzzy when desired, or be as mellow as Wes Montgomery.

A unique, new, and in-demand guitar made in Newburgh by Chihoe Hahn and team at Hahn Guitars.