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3D Lab at Haverstraw hosts new CAD and 3D Skills Course


Haverstraw, N.Y.

SUNY Rockland has announced several new programs identified as a part of their Middle Skills Academy. The 3D Lab at Haverstraw will host one of the programs,  a new CAD and 3D Skills Course which will be taught at TSEC’s 3D SMARTT Lab.

The 3D SMARTT Lab features a number of printers including the Stratasys j750, a powerhouse of technology that is being used at the Haverstraw Center to print complex medical prototypes.

This is truly amplifying medical possibilities as the j750 is the world’s only full color,  multi-material printer.

It is the perfect machine for making sophisticated, additive manufactured medical prints.

Incredible multi-color, beautiful medical prototypes

In fact, the Stratasys j750  is able to print using Polyjet™ a process that allows for the creation of parts, prototypes, and models in multiple materials, colors and color textures.

As Stratasys says in their promotional material: “Additive manufacturing technology benefits (sic) health care providers with tools that can accelerate medical innovation, improve patient outcomes through patient-specific surgical planning models, and help train the next generation of physicians.”

3D Lab at Haverstraw hosts new CAD and 3D Skills Course

A stunning looking heart valve printed on the j750, Stratasys state of the art machine on site at T-SEC’s 3D Print Lab at RCC’s Haverstraw Center.

In a rare opportunity, SUNY Rockland students will join a few other peers across the country learning about 3D Printing on Stratasys 3D printing equipment.

The CAD/3D program will offer the following:


  • Intro to Auto CAD
  • Intro to Drafting / Intro to  Solid Works
  • Intro to Design with Computers (Sketch Up)
  • Principles of 3D Printing
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Students at RCC’s Middle Skills Academy have the opportunity to earn a certificate and may join the workforce in less than a year.

These programs also provide the chance to complete classes that may be transferable as college credit in the future.

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