We make our equipment available at no cost to qualified New York State manufacturers, startups, designers and entreprenuers.

T-SEC’s Equipment Library offers hi-tech equipment to Hudson Valley (and beyond) entrepreneurs, start-ups, and manufacturers. To visit our Equipment Library click here . ¬†Among our many pieces of equipment, some of our most popular equipment selections are our:

  • High end 3D Printers, including the Stratasys J750
  • Tukatech CAD Pattern Making Software
  • Juki Sewing Machines
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Helium Leak Detector
  • Roland 3D Scanner

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Our Featured Case Studies

T-SEC purchases and locates equipment at its manufacturing and economic development partners’ campuses

Access Equipment And Business Services Through Our Partnerships

We offer specialized equipment and targeted services specifically designed to grow Hudson Valley Economies in partnership with industry, academia, and government

Sheffield Discovery III

T-SEC purchased The Sheffield Measurement Cordax¬ģ Discovery CMM, a popular coordinate measuring machine used on shop floors worldwide because it is easily moved and offers precise measurement.

T-SEC’s CMM is currently on loan to Fala Technologies, a premier Hudson Valley manufacturer. Fala uses our CMM in several instructional courses offered in coordination with Ulster Community College. Fala Technologies also uses the machine in a pioneering apprenticeship program.

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A Certified New York State Incubator

The Orange County Accelerator is a New York State certified incubator bringing jobs to the Hudson Valley. T-SEC and The Accelerator partner to fund equipment purchase and the fit up of co-working spaces at Accelerator campuses in Orange County. The Accelerator offers qualified businesses below-market occupancy rates, workforce training, and mentoring programs.

The Accelerator seeks manufacturing-based start-ups in:

  • fashion design and production
  • bottling
  • artisan manufacturing and artisan foods
  • software development
  • medical device and equipment development
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3-D Solidworks and Stratasys At SUNY Rockland

We are proud of our SMARTT Lab 3D Print Center. Located at The Haverstraw Center, a SUNY Rockland campus, our 3D Print Center offers affordable¬†Solidworks design and analysis tools and Stratasys¬ģ Fortus¬ģ 3D printers to entrepreneurs and manufacturers.


This equipment allows for rapid prototyping, specialized tooling, and low-volume production. Any company looking to prototype for quick turnaround and precision is encouraged to explore the design prototyping and print possibilities at the Haverstraw Center.

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T-SEC understands economic growth depends on increased production, increased efficiency, and the desire for innovation;  however, without a properly trained workforce, growth is limited.


As the Hudson Valley’s innovation partner, T-SEC supports workforce training by funding the purchase of high-tech equipment and deploying it to our partners. Our partners are in the academic and manufacturing sectors as well as economic development agencies. Together with our partners, we make training programs available to students, entrepreneurs, veterans, and those returning to the workforce.

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Become a Host Partner

TSEC has been partnering with Hudson Valley Manufacturers for the last several years.
View our Equipment Library List and see if you’d like to explore hosting a¬†piece of our equipment.
You’ll have free use of the equipment. In return you will make it available to other businesses and entrepreneurs for a small fee.

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Featured Partner: Sona-Tek

Sono-Tek Corporation in Milton, NY is over four decades old and is the world leader in the spray fluxing industry.
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Featured Partner: The Orange County Accelerator

The Orange County Accelerator, powered by the IDA, is T-SEC's closest working partner.
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Featured Partner: Fala Technologies

T-SEC has partnered with Fala Technologies.
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TSEC Alumni Are the Reason Why We Do
What We Do in the Hudson Valley!

These Alumni have used equipment at either the labs or pod spaces we have supplied and/or build out. They are representative of the clusters we target and the partners we support within those clusters. Our goal is to have a positive economic impact in the Hudson Valley. Their business vision and success creates more jobs and helps grow the regional economy.

Founder, You There
Aaron Lato

Aaron is a musician and a concept artist. His company 'You There' brings vintage recording lathes to record special moments at weddings and other events. When Aaron needed engineering advice he reached out to Bill Cox, resident engineer at The Orange County Accelerator. Issue solved, Aaron could offer his unique service. T-SEK helps fund the program Aaron accessed, The Accelerator Without Walls, offered through The Orange County Accelerator!

Founder, Craftcast
Alison Lee

Alison is a maker, designer and entrepreneur. She runs a successful online learning platform where crafters gather to study techniques. Using the 3D Lab at Haverstraw, Alison is able to prototype pieces of craft kits she markets online.

Founder, Unshattered
Kelly Lyndgaard

Kelly worked at IBM and enjoyed a successful career and track to the C-suite, but a moving testimony at her church prompted her to leave all that. She started her nonprofit, Unshattered, which aids women with opioid addiction. T-SEC partnered with her by making a sewing lab available so her clients, recovering addicts, could learn a skill and rebuild their lives.

Engineer and Lab Manager at Sono-Tek
Avery Alvarez

Avery is an engineer at Sono-Tek and helps with the production of precision ultrasonic nozzles. He uses the Scanning Electron Microscope from our Equipment Library for client demonstrations.

Learn About Our Shared Workspaces Offered Through The Accelerator

As part of their SMARTT POD offerings, The Accelerator has empty work spaces and conference rooms available for low cost rent. Startups are encouraged to inquire! 

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