Workforce Training

SMARTT LABS and SMARTT PODS can also be used as skills training classrooms. The labs and pods have hosted training programs for prospective, new and experienced employees. You can provide your own instructors and materials or obtain through T-SEC and its partners. Contact T-SEC for more information on training uses and funding opportunities.

SMARTT LABS AND SMARTT PODS have been leveraged to provide training for:

  • 3D Printing design and operation
  • Advanced Tailoring training
  • Computer Aided Design programming
  • Computer Numeric Control programming and operation
  • Computerized Sensor programming and use
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine sampling and testing
  • Environmental Chamber testing
  • Gonio photometer light testing
  • Industrial Assembly skills training
  • Metal Shop skills training
  • Scanning Electron Microscope sampling and testing
  • Sewing for Manufacture